How To Manage Dental Anxiety in Kids?

How To Manage Dental Anxiety in Kids?

Posted by NORTHTOWNE DENTAL Mar 27, 2023

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Dental anxiety should not prevent your child from receiving the dental care they need. Here are some tips for managing dental anxiety in kids.

Tips For Managing Dental Anxiety In Children

Taking care of your teeth and gums from a young age will help prevent cavities and other oral problems. However, children can be fearful of going to the dentist for pediatric dentistry services like cleanings and exams. At our dental practice, we understand that patients of all ages can feel uneasy about visiting their dentists. We strive to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their appointments. Here are some tips for managing your child’s dental anxiety:

  • Lead by example. It can be helpful if you visit your own dentist for cleanings and examinations, and your children observe these visits. If you show an interest in your oral health and show excitement when you receive a clean bill of health, your child may follow in your footsteps.
  • Set a good example when it comes to oral hygiene. Children learn a lot about their habits and behaviors from their parents. If they see you brushing your teeth regularly and making flossing a priority, they may be more likely to do so as well. Additionally, if they see you have a healthy relationship with your dentist, they may build their own good relationships in the future.
  • Practice relaxation techniques at home before your child has an appointment. Talk them through deep breathing exercises and meditation techniques to prepare them for whatever may happen at the dental office.
  • Bring a favorite comfort item to the dental office. Whether it is their favorite stuffed animal or a blanket, bring something that can keep them calm throughout their appointment.
  • Listen to soothing music in the car on the way to the appointment. Music can help distract children from their fears and keep them focused on something else.
  • Read books or play games that involve visits to the dentist’s office. You can use this as a teaching opportunity to help them understand what will happen at their next appointment and what they should expect when sitting in the dental chair. 
  • Start early with dental care: Early education about dental health is important when teaching your child how to maintain good oral hygiene habits for a lifetime. A great way to begin this education is to start taking your child to the dentist at an early age. Starting at around one-year-old, you can schedule a dentist visit for your child to ensure they are getting the proper oral care they need for a healthy smile. Along with regular visits to the dentist, you can begin to teach your children about the importance of brushing and flossing twice a day. Use fun and engaging activities to make brushing a fun part of your routine. The earlier you start this process, the better. Children who learn great oral health practices at a young age are more likely to maintain those practices throughout their life.
  • Take a comforting item to the dentist appointment: Taking a stuffed animal or other toys along with them to their appointment can help them feel more at ease as well. Children often feel more comfortable when they have something familiar to them at the dentist’s office.

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