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According to research, 80% of the systemic diseases that affect the body are also experienced through your mouth. Listed below are some of the worst foods for oral health:

  • Sticky Foods

Even foods that are usually harmless to teeth can be worse for your oral health if they’re eaten in excess or chewed for an extended period of time. Some foods, such as dried fruit and granola bars, maybe sticky by nature and stick to your teeth for a long time once you’ve started eating them. This can increase your risk for tooth decay since food particles can stay on your tooth enamel long after you’re done chewing. You may also want to limit your consumption of candy, which tends to be very sticky and can cling to your teeth for longer than other types of foods. It may be a good idea to stop snacking on sugary treats throughout the day to give your mouth a rest from the additional sugar exposure.

  • Sugary Foods

When incorporated into your diet in excess, sugary foods can leave your teeth vulnerable to decay and may even cause cavities. Foods that are high in sugar include soda pop, cookies, cakes, candy, chocolate, and other sweets. Even savory snacks like chips and crackers can be high in sugar, as well as dried fruits. Limit your intake of these foods to protect your oral health. By limiting your intake of sugary foods and drinks, you can protect the health of your teeth. However, this doesn’t mean you have to eliminate them completely from your diet – because they are naturally present in healthy foods, you should still be getting small amounts of natural sugar in your diet. If you do notice signs of decay, you may need help from your dentist to reverse the damage and restore the health of your mouth. 

  • Starchy Foods

Starchy foods – such as potato chips, crackers, and bread – can be hard on your teeth. It’s tough for saliva to break down starch particles in your mouth, leaving starchy residue behind. Over time, this excess starch can cause tooth decay. It’s best to limit your intake of starchy foods. If you do want to snack on these foods, brush your teeth after to help clear away any leftover starch and debris.

  • Soda

Carbonated beverages, like sodas, contain a high amount of acid and sugar, which can quickly erode tooth enamel and cause cavities. Drinking these beverages regularly can lead to erosion of your enamel and increase your risk of developing tooth decay. If you do drink soda or other carbonated beverages, use a straw to sip them. This will prevent the liquid from touching your teeth as much and will help prevent erosion. You should also wait for an hour after eating or drinking anything acidic before brushing to avoid eroding the enamel on your teeth even further.

  • Coffee

While coffee is a beloved part of many people’s day, its acidity can wreak havoc on teeth. The caffeine in coffee can also dehydrate the mouth, which can lead to bad breath and a dry feeling in the mouth. If you are a regular coffee drinker, try to drink a glass of water alongside your cup of joe to rehydrate your mouth! Water also tends to cancel out some of the acids from coffee.

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