Posted by Northtowne Dental Nov 05, 2018

This is a thumbnail image of blog WHO DOESN’T WANT WHITER TEETH!?

Teeth whitening is in high demand! Who doesn’t want whiter teeth!?

The color of one’s teeth are determined by multiple factors such as genetics, nutritional habits and your ability to maintain a healthy mouth. When one’s teeth aren’t white, they contain different types of stains. Extrinsic stains, are surface stains that typically stem from a patient’s habits like smoking or drinking coffee. Intrinsic stains lie within the dentin and make them much more difficult to remove. 

Typical over the counter whitening products have hydrogen peroxide content in them that range from 3-7% by volume, while chair side treatments range from 24-38% by volume. About 33% of the whitening capability of hydrogen peroxide makes hydrogen peroxide the preferred method. Each patient’s mouth reacts differently to treatment. So keep in mind that a combination of treatments may be required to achieve the color one desires. Allow us to help create a treatment plan to finally acquire the smile that has always been dreamed of! Learn more on our Boost Teeth Whitening page!

– The Northtowne Dental Team 🙂

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