Root Canal Treatment is a Tooth Saver

Root Canal Treatment is a Tooth Saver

Posted by Kathy Armijio Apr 21, 2023

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A root canal is a dental procedure to repair and save a tooth badly decayed or infected. The tooth’s pulp, which contains the nerve and blood supply to the tooth, is removed and replaced with a filling material. This restores the strength and function of the tooth. At Northtowne Dental, our dentist will also treat any infection in the gums surrounding the root during the procedure. This helps to prevent the need for further treatments in the future.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal?

When your teeth are damaged, the pulp inside can be infected, causing pain and discomfort. The only way to salvage the tooth and avoid extraction is to have a root canal performed. The decayed or injured tissues are removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected, and then sealed. After the procedure, your tooth will continue to function like normal. A tooth that has had a root canal can last a lifetime!

The Root Canal Procedure

Our dentist begins by numbing the area where the procedure will take place using local anesthesia. Then we’ll remove damaged tissue and bacteria from the tooth’s interior until the roots are free of infection. A rubbery material called gutta percha will be placed in the root canals to prevent them from becoming infected again. Finally, we’ll seal the tooth with a filling or a porcelain or composite resin crown to restore its function and appearance.

Some discomfort is to be expected following your root canal treatment. You may experience soreness at the injection sites and feel some sensitivity when the anesthetic wears off. You might also notice some swelling for a few days after the treatment. Your dentist may recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever to alleviate any pain or discomfort you experience after root canal therapy. It’s also a good idea to avoid chewing on the tooth immediately after treatment, as doing so may irritate it and cause pain. Instead, it’s best to stick to soft foods for the first couple of days following the procedure.

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

In addition to saving your teeth and protecting your oral health, root canal treatment has several other benefits. First and foremost, root canals relieve pain. An untreated cavity that causes pain and swelling is a serious indication that you may need root canal treatment. A toothache that does not respond to over-the-counter pain relievers may indicate that a root canal is necessary. Root canals are also recommended if an infection in the pulp chamber causes pain. By restoring your health and the function of your teeth, a root canal can help you feel better about your appearance and improve your quality of life.

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