Posted by Northtowne Dental Nov 02, 2017

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One of the newest procedures in Hygiene is Laser Bacterial Reduction or De-granulation treatment. Laser treatments with Dental procedures have been around since the 1960’s; however, in the last five – ten years, laser treatments are being used more to treat Periodontal Disease, to reduce bacteria in your mouth, and even to treat lesions including Herpetic lesions.

In our office we use a Sirona Diode Laser that has a fiber optic delivery wand. We target the periodontal pocket with this laser beam, it turns to heat that can kill bacteria, create cellular bio-stimulation, and de-granulate or ablate tissue. In other words, it can destroy diseased tissue with the hope of stimulating a healthier oral environment. We remove diseased tissue, necrotic tissue, and dark-pigmented bacteria, such as periodontal pathogens. The goal is to improve periodontal disease and your oral health, it is not a cure for periodontal disease, but the hope is to help you retain your natural teeth for as long as possible; and, healthy gum tissue is a definite plus in that direction.

This is one more tool we have to offer our periodontally involved patients that is relatively inexpensive and painless compared to periodontal surgery. Laser therapy is also approved by the FDA.

Please call us at 505-797-1000 for more information on this procedure or to schedule an appointment.

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