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We’re almost there, folks! Only a few days left to make those last minute preparations for Valentine’s Day.

At Northtowne Dental, we’re helping you make the most of it with these last minute dental health tips so your celebration goes off without a hitch!


You can brush and floss religiously, but that will do little on its own to keep your smile healthy. Your best oral health can only be achieved when your daily oral hygiene is done in conjunction with routine professional cleanings and exams.

Even more, you should trust a team that not only has a highly-trained staff, but the tools and technology to offer the earliest, most accurate detection of issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

Dr. Armijo and our team at Northtowne Dental are just who you need on your side in the fight against poor dental health and unsightly smile flaws. With our wide-ranging dental services, you’ll find the right mix of treatments to help you achieve and maintain your best oral health for a lifetime!


This is a tricky one. When it comes to the risks that holidays pose to your oral health, Valentine’s Day is right up there with Halloween!

That’s all because of the candy. People of all ages swap sweet treats on Valentine’s Day. But how can you keep your teeth safe when they’re surrounded in sugary residue?

It’s not realistic to tell you to avoid it completely, but candy in moderation is best if you can’t resist a candy heart or two.

Even then, you should rinse your mouth with water to wash away the sweet particles left behind.

If you really want to avoid cavities and gum disease, then you’ll want to think outside the heart-shaped box on Valentine’s Day.

Skip the sugary, sticky candy hearts and caramel-filled chocolates and create non-edible Valentine’s Day gifts.

For the man in your life, a great razor or irresistible cologne are great alternatives.

For your special lady, we’d be willing to bet they wouldn’t complain if you gifted them a day at the spa or something that glitters and sparkles!


One of the best parts of a great date is the end. For a pleasurable goodnight kiss with your Valentine, you’ll want fresh breath that draws someone closer to you, not foul-smelling breath that repels them!

You can be more confident with a minty clean mouth by following some of these tips:

  • Brush your tongue as part of your daily oral hygiene routine.
  • Use a mouthwash that fights bacteria and gingivitis, as well as masks odor.
  • Choose sugarless chewing gum and sugar-free breath mints.
  • Stay away from especially pungent food on date night like onions and garlic.

If these strategies don’t work, it could be sign of an underlying oral health problem such as tooth decay or gum disease.

We can take care of both at Northtonwe Dental. Not only do we offer breath treatment, but we can also remove gum disease infection and fill cavities to match your natural tooth color.


All of us remember the adorable image of the love-stricken dogs from a well-known Disney movie sharing a romantic Italian dinner and one long string of pasta until their lips meet.

How cute!

Sure, it’s a cartoon, but it resonates with us because it’s something we all do while enjoying a romantic night with our partner. You share bites off your dinner plate with your love, or you order one dessert with two spoons and share the sweetness.

And if you’re lucky, you maybe get to steal a kiss or two.

But in the midst of all that sharing, love isn’t the only thing passing between you.

You can also share bacteria. Not to spoil the mood, but we all have harmful bacteria in our mouths that rely on food particles so it can thrive and cause all kinds of dental problems.

To share the love instead of bacteria, commit to daily brushing and flossing so your teeth are free and clear of decay-causing smile spoilers!


We’ve given you these last minute dental tips just in time for Valentine’s Day, but honestly, it’s helpful advice any day of the year.

Your teeth and gums depend on your commitment to good oral hygiene, a healthy lifestyle, and consistent professional care from a highly-skilled dental team.

Dr. Armijo and the rest of us at Northtowne Dental are proud to be your trusted source for high-quality care to keep you smiling for a lifetime!

Call our office today at 505-797-1000! 


– The Northtowne Dental Team <3

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