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Flossing made headlines earlier this year when an Associated Press report claimed that research shows little evidence it’s worth your while. Bud don’t quit the habit just yet, says the President of the American Academy of Periodontology, Wayne Aldredge, DMD. “All the studies that were advertised were of short duration, some as little as two weeks. Gum disease is a process that takes years to develop.“

Over time, the bacteria hiding between your teeth can build up, promoting acid production that erodes teeth and leads to cavities. Flossing does help get rid of those harmful bugs. The best way to do it: Slide the floss vertically, up and down in a ‘C’ shape (don’t saw back and forth). If you really dislike flossing, try an interdental brush. Some research suggest that these cylinder little brushes may be just as effective as floss.

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